Israel Veintidos is a fashion photographer from Valencia, Spain.

His early career was spent working in fashion design and graphic design. Though these experiences offered unique opportunities to approach the design process from a different perspective, ultimately he found himself increasingly limited by these modes of expression.

Driven by an innate desire to expand his understanding of the world around him, and in doing so, his own boundaries of self expression, he moved to London to pursue photography. After London, it was San Francisco. After San Francisco it was New York.

Each city offered both a new cultural perspective and thus a new dimension to his creative point of view. He has come to epitomize the artistic nomad, constantly expanding within his work and within himself.

The diversity of his experiences has equipped him with a mutability that allows him to translate an equally diverse array of stories and styles. In doing so however, he still manages to maintain his signature aesthetic sense of serenity in all his images. His work is a beautiful reflection of this dichotomy; the intrigued voyeur, forever studying and learning from his psychological and physical surroundings, and the present artist, self-assured with a vision entirely his own.


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